Government College of Technology Bannu 2024 Fee Structure

The esteemed Government College of Technology admission office is pleased to announce the commencement of the admission process for the upcoming session of 2024. As the academic landscape continues to evolve, the admission committee has unveiled vital information that warrants the attention of all prospective students aspiring to embark on a transformative educational journey at this prestigious institution. The last Date to Apply for Admission is January 2024.

GCT Admission 2024 BA, BSc & MA, MSc

government college of technology logoIn light of the remarkable influx of students displaying exceptional academic prowess during this admission cycle, the admission committee finds it imperative to communicate an essential aspect of the selection process. It has come to the forefront that the volume of applications has been significantly heightened, matched only by the remarkable academic achievements of the applicants. As a result, the admission process is now contingent upon a meticulous evaluation, encompassing a variety of factors including geographical origin and academic scores. It is important for aspiring students to grasp this intrinsic aspect of the admission process to effectively navigate their application journey. /admission 2024

The institution extends a warm invitation to enthusiastic students who aspire to enroll in the Diploma of Associate Engineering, a comprehensive three-year course that lays the foundation for technical excellence. This initiative offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to engage in a transformative educational experience and emerge as adept professionals in their chosen domains. The fields open for enrollment in the first-year class encompass a diverse range of technologies, ensuring that students find their ideal niche for growth and development.

GCT Admission Prospectus 2024

Remarkably, the Government College of Technology on Railway Road in Lahore is embracing inclusivity by opening its doors to women seeking to immerse themselves in the realm of technical education during the forthcoming session of 2024. This groundbreaking move aims to create an environment where innovation knows no gender boundaries, fostering a future generation of empowered female technocrats poised to contribute significantly to various sectors.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List

GCT Entry Test Result 2024

In the quest for quality applications, the admission committee is mindful of the importance of deadlines. Thus, prospective students are urged to ensure their applications are submitted no later to secure their chance at embarking on this remarkable educational odyssey. The significance of this endeavor is underscored by the college’s dedication to fostering an accessible and streamlined application process, designed to facilitate applicants’ journey towards academic excellence.

GCT Admission Merit List 2024

The expansive array of programs being offered, ranging from B.Sc (Hons) in various disciplines to Master’s and Ph.D. programs, signifies the institution’s commitment to providing a diverse range of educational pathways. Moreover, there is a palpable desire among aspirants to acquire clarity regarding the list of eligible districts for this session’s admission process, a concern that the institution is resolute in addressing through the provision of comprehensive information on its official platform.

Eligibility Criteria

In a digital age where information flows seamlessly, the online platform stands as the conduit for aspiring students to take their first step toward a transformative educational journey. The official advertisement, replete with detailed application procedures, eligibility criteria, and contact information, serves as a beacon guiding students through the application process. This information repository is thoughtfully curated to empower students, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of the application procedure and grasp the essence of the educational opportunities awaiting them.

How to apply for admission

Emphasizing the importance of compliance with deadlines, the college underscores that incomplete applications or erroneous information will regrettably not be entertained. Additionally, it is pivotal to recognize that certain academic benchmarks serve as prerequisites for eligibility. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the admission criteria, as candidates with failing grades or subpar performance in specified subjects might find their applications ineligible for consideration.

GCT Sub campus admission

D.I. KHAN Apply Online
KOHAT Apply Online
NOWSHERA Apply Online
PESHAWAR Apply Online

Government College of Technology Advertisement 2024

government college of technology admission advertisement 2023

GCT Fee Structure 2024

The pursuit of academic excellence is often accompanied by administrative procedures that necessitate diligence and punctuality. The college’s commitment to transparency is reflected in the detailed display of fees and deadlines, prominently showcased on the College Notice Board. However, a degree of urgency is inculcated, as fines might be imposed for delayed payments, underscoring the institution’s endeavor to ensure financial responsibilities are duly met.

Fee Structure
Tuition Admission Fee DAE DDM D.Com
Admission Fee 125 125 105
Tuition Fee 3180 3180 1260
Re-Admission Fee DDM & DAE=Rs. 125/-
Re-Admission Fee for D Com=Rs. 105/-
_ _ _
Total Tuition Admission Fee 3305 3305 1365
Board Dues
PBTE Dues 850 850 850
Certificate Verification Fee 1550 1550 1550
Late Admission Single Fee Rs. 200/-
Double Fee Rs. 400/-
_ _ _
Total Board Dues 2400 2400 2400
Pupil Fund
Welfare Fund 810 810 665
Stationery & Printing 485 485 440
Computer Fund 2700 2700 2220
Machinery Fund 660 660 480
Age Relaxation Fund For DDM & DAE=Rs. 445/-
Age Relaxation Fund For D Com=Rs. 370/-
Fine Fund For DDM & DAE=Rs. 10/- per day
Fine Fund For D Com=Rs. 9/- per day
ID Card Fund 75 75 60
Transport Fund 1110 1110 920
Sports Fund 225 225 185
College Security (Refundable) 1550 1550 730
Total Pupil Fund 7625 7625 5700
Grand Total 13330 13330 9465

GCT Degree Program 2024

Civil Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering Electrical and electronics engineering
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Industrial Biotechnology
Production Engineering Mechanical Engineering
 B.TECH degree in Electrical Technology  BS(TECHNOLOGY) degree in Civil Technology
 BSc Civil Engg Technology, BSc Electrical Engg Technology,
BSc Mechanical Engg Technology

Contact Information

Address: Government College of Technology, 99 Railway Road, Lahore
Email:- [email protected]
Tel# : 042-37381741, 042-37381763

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