Kohat University of Science & Technology Kohat Admission 2024

Kohat University of Science & Technology (KUST) Kohat’s esteemed admission office is delighted to declare the commencement of the admission process for the academic session of 2024. In line with the digital age, the university has seamlessly initiated the KUST Online Admission 2024 registration system, catering to both spring and fall admissions. The deadline for registration has also been duly announced, ensuring that aspiring scholars have ample time to complete this essential step in their academic journey. The recently unveiled admission procedure for the year 2024 at Kohat University of Science & Technology encompasses a comprehensive framework for candidates aspiring to enroll in either undergraduate or graduate programs. Nestled in the scenic province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST) stands as a beacon of quality education, further enhancing the region’s intellectual landscape. The last date to apply for admission is January 2024.

www.kust.edu.pk Admissions 2024

Kohat University of Science & Technology Kohat logoFor those eager to delve into the intricacies of the application process, the university provides a meticulously detailed guide. This encompasses an exhaustive elucidation of eligibility criteria, elucidation of the method of online application, and crucial contact information for prospective students. This invaluable information can be perused at length in the official advertisement from the esteemed Alma Mater, which is conveniently accessible both in print and on the official website at kust.edu.pk.

Admission Form 2024

Ensuring accessibility, the admission form can be procured directly from the university’s official website, streamlining the process for interested candidates. It is imperative to note that while some students express their intent to seek admission, they inadvertently omit the submission of the requisite admission form. Regrettably, such candidates would not meet the eligibility criteria, underscoring the importance of adhering to the complete application process.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List

Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring scholars are encouraged to explore this repository of knowledge, offering insights into the admission advertisement, eligibility prerequisites, vital deadlines for online application, as well as the schedule for entry tests and subsequent result announcements. Additionally, information regarding the fee structure, merit lists, and self-financed merit lists for the year 2024 are meticulously outlined, affording candidates a comprehensive overview of their academic journey at KUST.

Fee Structure

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year Merit
BS – Biochemistry 4 Years 57300 NA
BS – Biotechnology & Genetic 4 Years 46900 54.53
BS – Botany 4 Years 46900 50.00
BBA (H) – Business Administration 4 Years 57300 55.00
BS – Chemistry 4 Years 46900 54.29
BCS (H) – Computer Science 4 Years 60200 55.00
BS – Criminology 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Development Studies 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Disaster Management 4 Years 57300 NA
BS – Economics 4 Years 42300 45.27
B.ED – Education 1 Years 42300 50.00
BS – Emerging Care Technology 4 Years 57300 NA
BS – English 4 Years 57300 46.83
BS – Environmental Sciences 4 Years 46900 NA
BS – Finance & Accounting 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Forestry 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Geophysics 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Human Diet & Nutrition 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Islamic Studies 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Journalism & Mass Communication 4 Years 46900 50.00
BS – Law 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Mathematics 4 Years 42300 52.39
BS – Medical Laboratory Technology 4 Years 57300 NA
B.Sc. [Hons] – Microbiology 4 Years 46900 48.91
BS – Nursing 4 Years 87000 NA
BS – Pakistan Studies 4 Years 42300 NA
PHARM.D – Pharmacy 5 Years 87000 60.00
BS – Philosophy 4 Years 42300 NA
DPT – Physical Therapy 5 Years 87000 NA
BS – Physics 4 Years 46900 57.00
BS – Political Science 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Psychology 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Social Work 4 Years 42300 44.47
BS – Sociology 4 Years 42300 44.47
BS – Software Engineering 4 Years 60200 NA
BS – Statistics 4 Years 42300 NA
BS – Tourism & Hospitality 4 Years 57300 NA
BS – Zoology 4 Years 46900 50.00


Prospective scholars can readily access the prospectus and requisite admission forms through the university’s official website, thus facilitating a seamless application process. Kohat University of Science & Technology (KUST) is renowned for its commitment to providing top-notch educational opportunities, and it continues to uphold its legacy as a leader in the realm of education.


Kohat University of Science & Technology Kohat Admission 2023

How to apply for admission

To further streamline the application process, interested candidates can also register online through the official portal of this esteemed institution. Detailed instructions on the application process, as well as pertinent contact details, are readily available in the official Alma Mater advertisement, accessible both in print and online at kust.edu.pk. This vital information can be perused in the accompanying admission advertisement or alternatively, on the official university website. For those aspiring towards MPhil and PhD programs, the application process is facilitated through the official application portal of Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST). The online submission of forms is outlined in their advertisement, providing a convenient pathway for eager applicants who are encouraged to visit their main website (http://admissions.kohat.edu.pk/).

Required Documents

  • Fee Challan Form
  • Admission Form
  • Result Card
  • CNIC/B-form
  • Other Documents

Offered Degree Program

B.ED degree in Education B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Microbiology
BBA (H) degree in Business Administration BCS (H) degree in Computer Science
BS degree in Biochemistry BS degree in Chemistry
BS degree in Philosophy BS degree in Botany
BS degree in Law BS degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
BS degree in Physics BS degree in Islamic Studies
BS degree in Pakistan Studies BS degree in Sociology
BS degree in Nursing BS degree in Statistics
BS degree in Biotechnology & Genetic BS degree in Psychology
BS degree in Social Work BS degree in Development Studies
BS degree in English BS degree in Forestry
BS degree in Criminology BS degree in Finance & Accounting
BS degree in Tourism & Hospitality BS degree in Economics
BS degree in Mathematics BS degree in Environmental Sciences
BS degree in Political Science BS degree in Software Engineering
BS degree in Emerging Care Technology BS degree in Journalism & Mass Communication
BS degree in Disaster Management BS degree in Zoology
BS degree in Geophysics BS degree in Human Diet & Nutrition
DPT degree in Physical Therapy Ph.D. degree in Pharmacy

Entry Test Result 2024

The National Testing Service (NTS) is slated to announce the admissions test schedule for the Kohat University Admission NTS Test Registration Online 2024. It is essential to underscore that the university has mandated GAT test participation for all departments, thus serving as a prerequisite for eligibility in the admission process. To support applicants in their pursuit of MS or MPhil degrees, the KUST NTS GAT and NAT scores for the year 2024 are accessible online, further streamlining the application process.

Contact information

Address: Bannu Rd, near Jarma Bridge, Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Phone: 0922-529144, 0922-52914795
Email: [email protected]

Website:  www.kust.edu.pk

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