Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi Admission 2024

The prestigious Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) in Karachi has officially opened its doors to aspiring students for the upcoming academic session of 2024, welcoming them to embark on a journey of higher education and personal growth. This beacon of learning and knowledge, deeply rooted in the legacy of its namesake, the visionary Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is excited to announce a wide array of academic opportunities for enthusiastic learners across various disciplines.

Note: Admissions are open now; Deadline to submit admission form is

July 22nd, 2024

MAJU Admission 2024 BA, BSc & MA, MSc

Muhammad Ali Jinnah university ,Karachi logoDedicated to fostering academic excellence and nurturing future leaders, MAJU Karachi proudly presents an expansive selection of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral-level programs for the spring intake of 2024. The realm of academic pursuits includes but is certainly not limited to the domains of Business Administration, Natural Sciences, Management, and Computer Science. admission2024

In an era where convenience and accessibility are paramount, MAJU stands committed to modernity by offering the convenience of online application submissions. This innovative approach erases the geographical barriers that once existed, allowing students to effortlessly apply for their desired programs without the need to physically visit the campus. Thus, from the comfort of their homes, aspiring scholars can seamlessly initiate their academic journey, a testament to MAJU’s commitment to facilitating learning for all.

MAJU Admission Form 2024

The academic bouquet for this admission cycle encompasses an array of programs, notably including BBA, NS, MBA, MS, and B.Sc. Undergraduate and postgraduate aspirants alike can rejoice as the doors to education swing wide open at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University MAJU Karachi for the forthcoming fall semester of 2024. The university proudly embraces all stages of education, ranging from the foundational undergraduate levels to the pinnacle of intellectual pursuit, represented by MPhil and Ph.D. studies.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List


For those eager to seize this remarkable opportunity, all the vital information is meticulously outlined on the institution’s dedicated admission page. A comprehensive guide awaits, providing prospective students with a treasure trove of insights. From key instructions for successful application to essential details about the renowned entry test, from critical dates for application form submission to the tantalizing prospect of scholarships, merit lists, and fee payment schedules – everything is available at a single click.

MAJU Admissions 2024 Fee Structure

Degree – Program Fee/Year
BS – Bio-science 152000
BS – Biochemistry 153000
BS – Biotechnology 152000
BBA – Business Administration 153000
BS – Computer Science 180500
BE – Computer System 166250
BS – Digital Media NA
B.ED – Education NA
BS – Education NA
BE – Electrical 156750
BS – English NA
BS – Finance & Accounting 153000
BS – Finance & Technology NA
BS – Psychology 153000
AD – Software Development NA
BS – Software Engineering 180500
BS – Supply Chain Management NA

How to apply for admission

To embark on this academic journey, aspiring scholars can either acquire application forms from the university’s admission office or opt for the digital route by downloading them from the official MAJU Karachi website. The eligibility criteria are designed to encompass a broad spectrum of learners, ensuring that those who have completed a minimum of 14 years of education can seize this golden chance by submitting their applications well before the deadline.


Muhammad Ali Jinnah University admission advertisement

Eligibility Criteria

A particular highlight is the eligibility criterion for the BS Engineering programs, where a minimum of 60% marks in F.Sc Pre-Engineering or its equivalent paves the way to exciting prospects. The academic spectrum extends to disciplines such as Computer Science, Telecommunications, Software Engineering, and Business Administration, with specialized programs like BBA Banking and Finance, BBA Honors, and BBA Supply Chain Management.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Admission Portal 2024

For the intricate details, one can delve into the rich repository of admission criteria, eligibility prerequisites, and fee structures, all conveniently available on the official Muhammad Ali Jinnah University MAJU Karachi website. Prospective students are encouraged to secure a prospectus from the Admissions Office to gain deeper insights into their chosen path of academic pursuit.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Deadline 2024

As eager minds prepare to submit their applications, it’s important to note that the deadline for applying for admission to Muhammad Ali Jinnah University is looming. The digital avenues are bustling with activity, as interested candidates throng the MAJU Karachi admission portal, ensuring their applications are lodged well within the stipulated timeline. To initiate the application process, a nominal testing fee of Rs. 1000/= is required, underscoring the seriousness of intent among the applicants.

MAJU Offered Degree Program 2024

  B.ED degree in Education   AD degree in Software Development
  BE degree in Computer System   BBA degree in Business Administration
  BS degree in Computer Science   BE degree in Electrical
  BS degree in Supply Chain Management   BS degree in Finance & Accounting
  BS degree in Psychology   BS degree in Education
  BS degree in Software Engineering   BS degree in English
  BS degree in Finance & Technology   BS degree in Biochemistry
  BS degree in Digital Media   BS degree in Biotechnology

Ph.D. Admission 2024

1.    PhD Management Science 2.    PhD Computer Science
3.    PhD Electrical Engineering

M.Phil Admission 2024

1.    MBA 2.    MBA 3.5 YEARS
3.    MPhil Management Science 4.    MPhil Computer Science
5.    MPhil Software Engineering 6.    MPhil Electrical Engineering
7.    MPhil Bioinformatics 8.    MPhil Biotechnology
9.    MPhil Economics and Finance

MAJU Entry Test Result 2024

The examination for admission will be conducted in both Karachi and Hyderabad. The announcement of the MAJU Entry Test Result 2024 is impending, as it follows the closure of the admission process. Subsequently, the entry test will be held, paving the way for the revelation of the merit list. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and make it to the shortlist are mandated to participate in the admission test, a requisite for every student seeking enrollment. The university entry test plays a pivotal role, with the fortunate individuals who excel in it being granted the opportunity to proceed to the interview phase.

MAJU Merit List 2024 Download online

As the academic journey unfolds, the MAJU BS MS MPhil Merit List 2024 emerges as a focal point. This compilation, showcasing the names of accomplished individuals, is readily accessible. Muhammad Ali Jinnah University has thoughtfully displayed the merit list on its official university website. Additionally, the contact details are conveniently available online at the university’s official website,

Contact information

Address:         22-E Block-6 P.E.C.H.S. Karachi, 75400 Sindh, Pakistan

Email:              [email protected]
Fax:                 92-21-3431-1327
Tel:                 021-111-87-87-87


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