University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission 2024

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission 2024, The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) has recently announced the commencement of admissions for the session  2024, and aspiring students can access the UAF Admission Portal to initiate their application process. University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission Form. UAF Postgraduate. UAF, known for its excellence in education and research, offers a wide array of degree programs, including BA, BSc, BSc, BS, B.Ed., MA, M.Eds., MSc, MSc (Hons), MS, M. Phil, and Ph.D. in various disciplines. Agriculture University Faisalabad Fee Structure. This broad range of options allows students to pursue their academic interests and career goals in diverse fields. The University of Agriculture Admission  2024 Last date.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission  2024 for BS degree Courses / Degrees

University of Agriculture Faisalabad admissionBoth morning and evening programs are available, catering to the needs and preferences of students. The official UAF website,, serves as a valuable resource for prospective applicants, providing comprehensive information about the admission process, including guidelines, fee structure, and online application procedures. The University Examination Cell has officially announced the admission openings for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, emphasizing the importance of timely submission of applications.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission  2024 Last Date

UAF holds international recognition for its research-intensive approach in agricultural studies, engineering, water resources management, food and nutrition sciences, and environmental and veterinary sciences. As a prominent institution, UAF plays a crucial role in advancing knowledge and expertise in these vital areas. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Affiliations. The admission process for Agriculture University Faisalabad 2024 is meticulously outlined, with the last date, fee structure, and online application details available to applicants seeking guidance and clarity. The last date to apply for admission will come soon.

Admission Form  2024

Notably, the University of Agriculture Faisalabad has set a registration deadline for UAF Admissions, ensuring that interested candidates submit their applications promptly. Undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs are open for admission, and applicants are encouraged to explore their options and select programs that align with their academic aspirations. UAF Admission  2024 for BS degree Courses / Degrees.

Entry Test Result of UAF

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) will release the results of its entry test soon. The UAF’s first entry test results for the year 2024 can be checked online. The results for the entrance tests and merit lists of UAF and its sub-campuses will also be made available here. Every year, numerous students apply for admission, and only those who perform well on the admission exam will be considered for an interview. To qualify for admission, each candidate must score at least 50% marks in the test. The admission process is strictly merit-based, ensuring a fair and transparent selection process for MS, MSC, M Phil & Ph.D. programs

How to check the entry test result

  • Go to the official web
  • Enter your name and roll no
  • Click on the search button

University Faisalabad Admission 2024 Full Guide

UAF’s dedicated faculty members are known for their expertise and commitment to maintaining the university’s esteemed reputation. By leveraging their knowledge and skills, the faculty contributes significantly to the educational journey of students, preparing them to become competent professionals and leaders in their respective fields. UAF’s agricultural department emphasizes efficient crop cultivation methods that maximize yield and address the growing needs of the population.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List

UAF Admission 2024 Last Date

Established in 1906 as Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute, Lyallpur, the university has undergone significant transformations. It was later elevated to the status of West Pakistan Agricultural University, Lyallpur, in 1961, and ultimately became the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, in 1973.

Postgraduate Admissions Winter  2024

To Apply Online Click here
Guidelines for Registration GAT-GRE Subject type test 2023 – 2024 Download
Fee Structure- Download
Fee Refund Form Download

UAF Admission  2024 Advertisement

In the 21st century, UAF envisions surpassing the frontiers of knowledge by offering unique interdisciplinary programs in teaching, research, and outreach. These programs are essential for the advancement of agriculture and rural development, serving the needs of the public effectively.

UAF Admission 2023 Advertisement

Postgraduate Admissions Fee Structure  2024


Winter Semester (2023 – 2024) New Entrants Postgraduate Programs,

(Main Campus ) University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Description 1st Semester


(Amount in Rs.)

Subsequent Semester


(Amount in Rs.)

 (Morning program all Faculties) (Outsider)

M. Sc (Hons.) /M. Phil 52,940 39,875
Ph. D  (with Scholarship) 82,500 55,000
Ph. D  (without Scholarship) 82,500 45,375
Ph. D Computer Sciences 89,375 61,875
Ph.D. Agribusiness 82,500 55,000
University Graduate, UAF (Morning Program All Faculties)
M. Phil (University Graduate) 47,440 39,875
Ph. D (University Graduate) 68,750 45,375
Ph. D Computer Sciences 75,625 61,875
Ph.D. Agribusiness 68,750 55,000
Postgraduate   Evening  Programs, UAF
M. Phil /Botany/ Zoology/ Physics, Math 65,315 68,065
M.Phil Education/ M.Phil. Economics/M.Phil Sociology (Class on Saturday-Sunday) 33,690 39,875
MBA (2 Years)/MS Finance /                                 MS (Management & Marketing) Specialization 75,625 81,250
MBA (Exec) (Class on Saturday-Sunday) 52,940 45,375
M.Phil Chemistry/  Biochemistry/ MS(Computer Science) /MS (Software Engineering) 81,815 74,250
M.Sc. (Hons.) Envier. Science/ M. Phil Microbiology,  Biotechnology 81,815 75,625
M.Phil. Economics 61,875 55,000
M. Phil (Sociology ) 57,750 56,375
Hostel Dues (UAF)
Hostel Fee (Outsider) 18,750 13,125
Hostel Fee (University Graduate) 16,250 13,125


(New Entrants/Already Registered)


Sr. # Description 1st Semester


(Amount in Rs.)

Subsequent Semester


(Amount in Rs.)

UAF SUB CAMPUS Burewala/ Vehari
1 M.Sc. (Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Food Technology) (Outsider) 42,625 30,250
2 M.Sc (Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Food Technology) (Already Registered ) 37,125 30,250
3 Hostel Fee 16,250 10,625
1 M.Sc. (Hons) Poultry Science (Outsider) 37,500 31,250
2 M.Sc. (Hons) Poultry Science (Already Registered ) 32,000 31,250
3 Ph. D Poultry Sciences   (Outsider) 56,250 50,000
4 Ph. D Poultry Sciences  (Already Registered ) 50,750 50,000
5 Hostel Fee 10,000 10,000

UAF, SUB-CAMPUS, Depalpur, Okara

1 M.Sc. (Hons.) (Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, PBG, Entomology, Extension,  (Morning Program) (Outsider) 42,625 30,250
2 M.Sc. (Hons.) (Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, PBG, Entomology, Extension, (Morning Program) (Already Registered ) 37,125 30,250
3 Hostel Fee 16,250 10,625


1 M.Phil Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology   (Morning Program) (Outsider) 52,940 39,875
2 M.Phil Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology  (Morning Program)                                         (Already Registered ) 47,440 39,875
3 M.Phil Botany, Physics, Zoology (Evening Program) (Outsider) 65,315 68,065
4 M.Phil Botany, Physics, Zoology  (Evening Program)                                                (Already Registered ) 59,065 68,065
5 M.Phil Chemistry, (Evening Program) (Outsider) 81,815 74,250
6 M.Phil Chemistry, (Evening Program) (Already Registered ) 75,565 74,250
5 Hostel Fee 18,750 13,125

The University of Agriculture Admission  2024 for BS

UAF caters to diverse needs by providing morning, evening, and weekend classes, accommodating students’ various schedules and preferences. The University of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission 2023 – 2024 Last date. Interested applicants are urged to take advantage of the open admissions at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. The admission schedule for UAF Faisalabad 2023 – 2024 has been officially announced through electronic and print media, ensuring that students are well-informed and can plan their application process accordingly.

Undergraduate Admissions  2024

Notification Hafiz-e-Quran  download
Fee Structure-  Download
Fee Refund Form  Download
Trials for Admission Undergraduate  Download
For online application submission  Click Here
Allocation of Seats Chart for Session, 2022-23  Download
Detail of degree programs, the minimum qualification for admission, and matching entry test streams for the academic session, 2022-23 Download
Terms and conditions for registration/appearing in entry test and submission of online admission applications to first-degree courses during the academic session, 2022-23  Download

How to Apply Online UAF Admission  2024

How to Apply for UAF Admission 2023 – 2024. The university offers education in both private and regular modes, providing flexibility to students based on their preferences and circumstances. Students interested in pursuing programs such as DVM, Pharm-D, Textile Engineering, or Agricultural Engineering will find suitable options at UAF. Advertisements regarding the BS 3rd Entry Test have been released, with the last date for application submission set for October 5, 2022, for undergraduate admissions 2022-23.

Postgraduate Admissions Winter 2023-24

Fee Structure 2024

WINTER SEMESTER ( 2022-2023 – 2024) New Entrants Undergraduate Programs   (Main Campus/Community College PARAS Faisalabad)
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Description Self-Finance Per Sem. 1st Semester 22-23)

(Amount in Rs.)

Subsequent Semester 22-23

(Amount in Rs.)

B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture, B.Sc. Home Economics B.Sc.(Hons.) Environmental Sciences BS Forestry, B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri & Resource Economics 37,500 40,570 28,875
B.Sc.(Hons.) Animal Sciences B.Sc.(Hons.) Dairy Science, BBA Agribusiness —– 40,570 28,875
BS Commerce (Morning Program) —– 40,570 28,875
B. Sc (Hons.) Human Nutrition & Dietetics/B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Science and Technology 37,500 48,125 32,315
B. Sc Textile Technology 50,000 48,125 32,315
B. Sc Agri.  Engineering,    B.Sc. Food Engg,B. Sc Energy System Engg,  B. Sc Environmental Engg. 46,750 37,815
B.Sc.(Hons.) Microbiology 50,000 46,750 37,815
DVM 50,000 43,320 37,815
Pharm-D 78,375 78,375
BS/ Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Statistics, BS Education, Mathematics, BS Sociology,

BS Economics (Morning Program)

43,750 37,500
BS/ Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, English, BS Economics &  BS Sociology, (Evening Program) 56,250 50,000
BBA BS Commerce BS (Bioinformatics), BS (Computer Science)/ BS (Information Technology) BS (Software Engg.)(Evening Program) 58,440 52,250
Hostel Dues (UAF) 18,750 13,125

Merit lists  2024

The Merit lists for successful applicants will be displayed at prominent locations within the university campus and on the official website once the UAF entry test is completed. It is crucial for prospective students to stay updated with the latest admissions notices from engineering universities.

The officials have now released the official notification for the UAF open merit list 2024. Those who have been eagerly waiting can now check if their names are included. You can also assess your entrance test results using the provided answer keys on the university’s website. The University of Agriculture Faisalabad offers both private and public education, along with a combination of the two. The UAF self-money merit list for all programs will be available in PDF format. This concludes the information regarding the University of Agriculture Faisalabad Merit List 2024 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds.

How to download the merit list

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the merit list
  • Select your program
  • Click download button

MDCAT Registration 2023 PMC

UAF Address Contact Information

Address: University of Agriculture, Agriculture University Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan, Zip Code 38000.
Phone: +92 41 9200161-70
Fax: +92 41 9200764

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