University of Engineering & Technology Narowal Admission 2024

The University Of Engineering & Technology (Narowal Campus) Narowal has unfolded the doors of opportunity, heralding the commencement of admissions for the session 2024. To all the ambitious individuals poised on the precipice of higher education, the clarion call resonates – UET Admissions 2024 beckons. The path to enrollment mandates a pivotal step: the submission of admission forms before the last date The deadline stands as a temporal boundary, beyond which the realm of admission application submission shall remain elusive.

UET Narowal Admission 2024 BA, BSc & MA, MSc

University Of Engineering & Technology Narowal logoThe canvas of offerings is broad, encompassing both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the forthcoming fall of 2024. A particular spotlight is cast on the BSc Bio Medical Engineering Department, heralding a vibrant realm of possibilities for prospective students. The multifaceted spectrum of programs available extends to domains like BSC, BS, BBA, MBA, MSC, MS, and Ph.D., thereby nurturing academic growth at various levels within the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.

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The roadmap to seizing this opportunity lies within the pages of the official advertisement, accessible through the university’s website at There, prospective applicants can explore the intricacies of the application process, the criteria for eligibility, the modality of online application, and pertinent contact information. The institutional ethos is encapsulated within these details, manifesting the commitment to a seamless and informed application journey.

UET Admission Form 2024

An integral facet of this endeavor lies in the realm of deadlines, where the countdown is set to the online application deadline for undergraduate admissions at UET Narowal. The administrative machinery of the university has harnessed the potential of technology, channeling the application process through online portals. This shift towards digital mediums streamlines the process, fostering accessibility and convenience for students navigating the application labyrinth.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List

Eligibility Criteria

Year after year, the pursuit of excellence drives thousands of aspiring students to submit their application forms to secure admission at UET Lahore. The heart of eligibility criteria lies in the attainment of 50% marks in Aggregated.  A geographic dimension is added as Punjab-domiciled applicants who participated in the combined entry test of July 2023, orchestrated by UET, are the privileged ones eligible to apply. This eligibility criterion is intricately woven into the fabric of the prospectus, serving as a guiding light for the applicants.

UET Admissions 2024 Fee Structure

B.Sc. [Engg.] – Bio-medical 127000
BS – Business Administration 127000
BS – Civil 127000
BS – Computer Science 127000
BS – Electrical 127000
BS – Mathematics 127000
BS – Mechanical 127000
BS – Physics 127000


As the calendar pages turn, anticipation mounts for the availability of the prospectus and admission forms, heralding the commencement of Session 2024. The corridors of UET Narowal reverberate with the call for applications, extending to BSc Engineering, MSc/M. Phil Engineering, and Ph.D. programs. The window of opportunity extends until the due date, underscoring the institution’s resolve to provide an equitable platform for aspirants.

UET Sub-Campus

  • UET Faisalabad
  • UET KSK (Kala Shah Kaku)
  • UET Rachna
  • UET Lahore


University Of Engineering & Technology Narowal admission advertisement 2023

How to apply for admission

Navigating the digital landscape, the application process resides within the realms of the university’s online application portal. The journey unfolds as applicants complete their admission form, culminating in the attachment of necessary documents, as stipulated in the prospectus. Aspiring minds are encouraged to explore the official website for instructions and to ensure that the application is submitted in a timely manner.

Offered Degree Program 2024

B.Sc. [Engg.] degree in Bio-Medical BS degree in Computer Science
BS degree in Civil BS degree in Mechanical
BS degree in Electrical Bachelor of Business Administration BBA
BS Biochemistry BS Biotechnology
BS Botany BS Chemistry
BS Computer Science BS Economics
BS Education Environmental Sciences
BS English Linguistics BS English Literature
BS Fine Arts BS Food Science and Technology
Mass Communication and Media Mathematics
BS Physics BS Physical Education
BS Urdu BS Zoology

M.Phil Program

1.    MPhil Botany 2.    MPhil Biochemistry
3.    MPhil Education 4.    MPhil Environmental Science
5.    MPhil Food Science and Technology 6.    MPhil Management and Administrative Sciences
7.    MPhil Mass Communication and Media 8.    MPhil Mathematics
9.    MPhil Physics 10. MPhil Zoology

UET Entry Test Result 2024

Highlighted prominently on this webpage is the definitive deadline for the UET Narowal Undergraduate Admissions 2024 online application process. Should your aspirations gravitate towards securing admission to this esteemed university, an essential prerequisite is the successful completion of the ECAT test. Notably, the entry test date, encompassing all educational institutions across Punjab, has been disclosed, with particular significance for aspiring MBA and BBA candidates. It’s crucial to mark and remember the application submission deadline to seize this opportunity.

UET Merit List 2024 Download online

Beyond the application phase, a moment of eager anticipation looms as the university readies to unveil the much-awaited merit list. This revelation stands as a collective moment of suspense for all prospective applicants. Underscoring its commitment to fostering academic brilliance, the institution proudly extends an array of merit-based and need-based scholarships. These opportunities, curated from diverse sources including government and private avenues, bear testimony to the university’s dedication to supporting students in their educational voyage. This dedication ensures that all interested individuals can access the merit lists seamlessly, promoting a sense of inclusivity and transparency.

Contact information

Phone: 0542-411875


Email: [email protected]

Address: University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Muridke Road, Narowal, Punjab

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