University Of Haripur Admission 2024

The University Of Haripur Admission  2024, The University of Haripur has commenced its admission process for the year 2024, offering various undergraduate and post-graduate programs. To facilitate an efficient application procedure, the university has adopted an online mode of submission, exclusively accepting applications through this digital platform. Prospective candidates keen on pursuing their studies at this esteemed institution can access crucial information, such as admission procedures, fee structure, available programs, and the deadline for application submission, on the official webpage.University Of Haripur Admission 2023 - 2024 Admission 2024

The University of Haripur, initially established in 2008 as the Haripur campus of Hazara University, achieved the distinction of being upgraded to a fully autonomous university by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), the University of Haripur is a coeducational Pakistani higher education institution, accommodating a relatively small student population ranging between 1,000 to 1,999 enrollments. This dynamic institute is under the patronage of the Chancellor, who is the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Anwar-Ul-Hassan Gillani, steers its academic affairs. The University of Haripur offers diverse courses and programs, leading to officially recognized higher education degrees across multiple fields of study.

Admission Form 2024

The admission criteria at the University of Haripur require applicants to have obtained at least 50% marks from any recognized board or university. However, the eligibility criteria differ based on the specific programs that applicants are interested in pursuing. To access and complete the online admission form, candidates need to visit the provided link in the blog post, where they will find all the essential information to facilitate their application process. For further details regarding the last date to apply for UOH admission in 2024 and the online application process, all pertinent information is available on the university’s website.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List

University Of Haripur Admission  2024

Moreover, prospective applicants have the convenience of downloading the admission application form, ensuring easy access to essential documents. As the university administration is yet to announce the final date for admission, students are advised to stay updated through the official website, where they can download advertisements and receive any updates.

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The application process involves creating a personal login ID by signing up on the university’s online portal. Once registered, applicants can select their preferred program for enrollment. To provide guidance throughout the application process, the university has uploaded an informative video demonstrating how to apply for various programs, including BS, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. degrees. Applicants are required to fill out the online application form with accurate details, provide academic and personal information, and submit it online. Documents from previous educational achievements need to be uploaded as well.University Of Haripur Admission 2023 - 2024

Eligibility Criteria

For international students holding foreign certificates, a proportionality certificate from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) in Islamabad is necessary. For master’s programs, eligibility criteria demand a minimum of 45% marks in the annual system in B.A/B.Sc. or an equivalent degree from any recognized institution or board, and a minimum of 50% marks for other than the annual system, as per semester rules. These minimum criteria apply to new applicants aspiring to secure admission to the University of Haripur.

The University of Haripur Admission Apply Online

  • Click on the link “Apply Online”
  • Create a new user account for the online applications.
  • Select the nationality Of the candidate
  • Enter your CNIC number (Enter passport in case of foreign applicant).
  • Enter your mobile number in the relevant bar.
  • The applicant will receive a Password on the given mobile number.
  • Login through username (CNIC or Passport) and login password.
  • Fill online admission form completely and follow university instructions.
  • Take a print of the online admission form.
  • Deposit online Rs. 1000/- for BS, M.S, or M.Phil. in mentioned NBP branch
  • OR
  • Deposit Rs. 1500/. For the Ph.D. program fee in the mentioned NBP branch.

The University Of Haripur  Offered Courses

Overall, the University of Haripur opens its doors to aspiring students for the academic year  2024, offering diverse programs and a robust education system that strives to nurture well-rounded, principled leaders to serve the nation with integrity and dedication. As the admission process unfolds, candidates are encouraged to make the most of the online application platform, adhere to the relevant deadlines, and ensure their academic and personal details are accurately provided to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

Offered Programs
BCS degree in Computer Science BS degree in Pakistan Studies
BS degree in Biochemistry BS degree in Public Administration
BS degree in Financial Mathematics BS degree in Environmental Sciences
BS degree in Public Health BS degree in Education [Secondary]
BS degree in Business Administration BS degree in Botany
BS degree in Sports Sciences & Physical Education BS degree in Food Science & Technology
BS degree in Physics BS degree in Anesthesia Technology
BS degree in Agricultural Biotechnology BS degree in Islamic & Religious Studies
BS degree in Remote Sensing & GIS BS degree in Finance & Accounting
BS degree in Forestry BS degree in English
BS degree in Health Technology BS degree in Data Science
BS degree in Industrial Management BS degree in History
BS degree in Psychology BS degree in Disaster Management
BS degree in Data Analytics BS degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
BS degree in Agriculture BS degree in Surgery Technology
BS degree in Education [Health & Physical] BS degree in Telecom & Networking
BS degree in Radiology BS degree in Political Science
BS degree in Software Engineering BS degree in Climate Change
BS degree in Biostatistics BS degree in Microbiology
BS degree in Mathematics BS degree in International Relations
BS degree in Economics BS degree in Artificial Intelligence
BS degree in Tourism & Hospitality BS degree in Zoology
BS degree in Plant Breeding & Genetics BS degree in Computational Mathematics
BS degree in Geology BS degree in Statistics
BS degree in Engineering Geology BS degree in Chemistry
BS degree in Human Diet & Nutrition DPT degree in Physical Therapy
B.ED (HONS) degree in Education

Admission Schedule 2024

The fee structure at the University of Haripur is meticulously designed to be informative and comprehensive, encompassing all necessary admission procedure fees. Emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded education with a solid foundation in Islamic principles, the university endeavors to produce principled and ethically motivated leaders who will serve the nation, fostering a new generation of individuals who comprehend the significance of justice and harmony in Pakistan.

UOH Fee Structure
Subject Fee
B.S Semester Exam Fee (Per student per semester of Affiliated Institutes) 2660/-
Registration fee for all program Affiliated Colleges 2270/-
BA/B.Sc./B. Com (Part-l &ll) Exam Fee (Regular) 2660/-
BA Part-l Exam Fee (Private) 6920/-
Practical Examination (Per Subject) 260/-
BA/B.Sc./B. Com (Supplementary Exam) One Paper 1940/-
BA/B.Sc.(Supplementary Exam) two Paper 2530/-
MA/M.Sc./M. Com Exam (one Paper) 2940/-
MA/M.Sc./M.Com Exam (two Paper) 3660/-
B.Com. Exam (three & four Papers) 2660/-
M.Com Exam (three Papers) 5130/-
MA/M.Sc/M.Com Part-l &ll (Regular Students Exam Fee) 3400/-
MA Part-l &ll Exam Fee (Private Students) 7990/-
Detailed Marks Certificate Fee 940/-
Transcript Fee ( For All Students) 940/-
Duplicate Detailed Marks Certificate Fee 1330/-
Duplicate Transcript Fee ( For All Students) 1330/-
Provisional Certificate Fee (normal) 1000/-
Correction of Name Fee 1330/-
Change of Name Fee 1330/-
Correction Fee (DMC/ Prov. Cert/ Mig. Certificate) Normal 800/-
Correction of Degree( Normal) 2660/-
Correction of Degree( Urgent) 3700/-
Degree Fee (Normal) 3730/-
Degree Fee (Urgent) 7330/-
Degree Fee (Most Urgent) 9990/-
Duplicate Degree Fee (Normal) 10650/-
Duplicate Degree Fee (Urgent) 15972/-
Duplicate Degree Fee (Most Urgent) 19970/-
Change of Subject Fee 1600/-
Change of center 2180/-
Duplicate Roll Number Slip 610/-
Verification Fee (per document) 1070/-
Verification Fee (per documents). Extra copy of DMC/Degree/transcript/ provisional (at the same time) 120/-
Re-Checking Fee (per Subject) 940/-
Migration Fee (Normal) 1600/-
Migration Fee (Urgent) 2930/-
Registration Cancellation Fee Normal 2270/-
Gazette Fee 1330/-
U.F.M Appeal Fee 1600/-
Registration Fee (1st Semester) (For affiliated Colleges) 2270/-
Exam fee (Each semester) 2660/-

University of Haripur Conduct Numbers

Phone: +92-995-920631
Email:  [email protected]
Directorate of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: +92-995-920612
Email: [email protected]
IT Help Desk
Phone: +92-995-920628
Email: [email protected]

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