University Of Sindh Jamshoro Admission 2024

University Of Sindh Jamshoro Admission office is delighted to announce the commencement of admissions for the upcoming session in 2024. Aspiring scholars seeking admission to the prestigious Sindh University Jamshoro for the year 2024 have a golden opportunity to apply for various postgraduate programs, including MS, M. Phil, and Ph.D. This esteemed institution, renowned for its academic excellence, stands as a beacon of higher education in the Sindh province. Year after year, it attracts a multitude of eager and talented students, making it imperative for interested candidates to promptly submit their applications. The last date to apply for admission will come soon.  Admissions 2024

University Of Sindh Jamshoro logoThe application process for Sindh University Jamshoro Admission 2024 is detailed and comprehensive. Eligibility criteria, guidelines on how to apply online for admissions, and essential contact details are meticulously outlined in the official advertisement released by the Alma Mater. These vital instructions can also be readily accessed on the official website at, ensuring that candidates are well-informed and well-prepared to navigate the admission process seamlessly.

Admission Form 2024

It is crucial to note that, for the Sindh University Admission 2024 Online Form, applications will only be considered if they are submitted using the provided official forms. To initiate the application process for the year 2024 and secure admission at Sukkur IBA, prospective students are encouraged to visit the university’s website, where the admission form can be conveniently downloaded.

Online Admissions Entry Test Result Merit List

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the University of Sindh Jamshoro postgraduate admissions 2024 extend to a range of programs, encompassing MS, M. Phil, and Ph.D. For candidates aspiring to secure admission in B.Ed. and MA (Edu), specific prerequisites must be met. These include having successfully passed the BA/BSc/B.Com/BA Education examination with a commendable minimum of 45% marks, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to academic excellence.

Fee Structure

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year
BS – Anthropology 4 Years 22000
BS – Applied Linguistics 4 Years 22000
BA [HONS] – Arabic 3 Years 22000
BS – Archaeology 4 Years 22000
BS – Banking & Finance 4 Years 22000
BS – Biochemistry 4 Years 22000
BS – Biotechnology 4 Years 22000
BS – Botany 4 Years 22000
BBA (H) – Business Administration 4 Years 22000
BS – Chemistry 4 Years 22000
B.COM [HONS] – Commerce 4 Years 22000
BS – Communication Design 4 Years 22000
BS – Comparative Religion 4 Years 22000
BS – Computer Science 4 Years 22000
BS – Criminology 4 Years 22000
BS – Development Communication 4 Years 22000
BS – Economics 4 Years 22000
B.ED – Education 18 22000
BA [HONS] – Education 4 Years 22000
B.ED – Education [elementary] 2 Years 22000
BPHE – Education [health & Physical] 4 Years 22000
B.ED – Education [secondary] 1.5 Years 22000
BS – Electronics 4 Years 42000
BA [HONS] – English 3 Years 22000
BS – Environmental Sciences 4 Years 22000
BFAD – Fine Arts & Design 4 Years 22000
BS – Food & Nutrition 4 Years 22000
BS – Forestry 4 Years 22000
BS – Freshwater Biology & Fisheries 4 Years 22000
BS – Gender Studies 4 Years 22000
BS – General History 4 Years 22000
BS – Genetics 4 Years 22000
BA [PASS] – Geography 4 Years 22000
BS – Geology 4 Years 22000
B.Sc. – History Of Art 4 Years 22000
BS – Information Technology 4 Years 22000
BS – International Relations 4 Years 22000
BS – Islamic Studies 4 Years 22000
LLB [HONS] – Law 5 Years 48000
BS – Library & Information Science 4 Years 22000
BS – Mathematics 4 Years 22000
BS – Media & Communication 4 Years 22000
BS – Medical Laboratory Technology 4 Years 22000
BS – Microbiology 4 Years 22000
BS – Muslim History 4 Years 22000
BS – Pakistan Studies 4 Years 22000
BA [HONS] – Persian 3 Years 22000
PHARM.D – Pharmacy 5 Years 31000
BA [HONS] – Philosophy 3 Years 22000
BS – Physics 4 Years 22000
BS – Physiology 4 Years 22000
BS – Political Science 4 Years 22000
BS – Psychology 4 Years 22000
BPA – Public Administration 4 Years 22000
BS – Rural Development 4 Years 22000
BA [HONS] – Sindhi 3 Years 22000
BS – Social Work 4 Years 22000
BS – Sociology 4 Years 22000
BS – Software Engineering 4 Years 22000
BS – Statistics 4 Years 22000
BS – Telecommunication 4 Years 42000
BTD – Textile Design 4 Years 22000
BA [HONS] – Urdu 3 Years 22000
BS – Zoology 4 Years 22000


To facilitate the application process, the university has made prospectuses available for prospective students at HBL banks for a nominal fee of 2000. It is worth mentioning that some candidates erroneously assume that admission forms can only be obtained from the admission office, along with the prospectus. However, the option to acquire the prospectus from HBL banks simplifies the process, making it more accessible to a wider range of applicants.


University Of Sindh Jamshoro admission 2023

How to apply for admission

Navigating the online application process for admissions at the University of Sindh Jamshoro has never been more straightforward. The institution has taken significant strides in enhancing convenience and efficiency through its dedicated admission portal. Aspiring students can readily download the application form from the university’s official website, streamlining their journey toward academic achievement.

Required Documents

  • You have to provide your 2 latest passport-size photographs with a white background.
  • Previous Academic transcripts.
  • National CNIC Card or B-Form.
  • Paid Application Fee Challan Receipt.

Offered Degree Program

B.COM [HONS] degree in Commerce B.Sc. degree in History of Art
BA [HONS] degree in Persian BA [HONS] degree in Arabic
BA [HONS] degree in Philosophy BA [HONS] degree in Urdu
BA [HONS] degree in English BA [HONS] degree in Sindhi
BA [PASS] degree in Geography BBA (H) degree in Business Administration
BFAD degree in Fine Arts & Design BPA degree in Public Administration
BPHE degree in Education [Health & Physical] BS degree in Physics
BS degree in Political Science BS degree in Development Communication
BS degree in Mathematics BS degree in Economics
BS degree in Information Technology BS degree in Muslim History
BS degree in Biotechnology BS degree in Communication Design
BS degree in Statistics BS degree in Psychology
BS degree in Banking & Finance BS degree in Physiology
BS degree in General History BS degree in Geology
BS degree in Microbiology BS degree in Telecommunication
BS degree in Anthropology BS degree in Library & Information Science
BS degree in Zoology BS degree in Applied Linguistics
BS degree in Pakistan Studies BS degree in Social Work
BS degree in Botany BS degree in Chemistry
BS degree in Rural Development BS degree in Archaeology
BS degree in Gender Studies BS degree in Sociology
BS degree in Food & Nutrition BS degree in Biochemistry
BS degree in Media & Communication BS degree in Freshwater Biology & Fisheries
BS degree in Software Engineering BS degree in Environmental Sciences
BS degree in Comparative Religion BS degree in Genetics
BS degree in Medical Laboratory Technology BS degree in Computer Science
BS degree in International Relations BS degree in Electronics
BS degree in Criminology BS degree in Islamic Studies
BTD degree in Textile Design

Entry Test Result 2024

For candidates who have already appeared in the 2024 Admission test and are eagerly awaiting the result date, the next steps are vital. Following the submission of application forms, the University of Sindh conducts an entrance test featuring multiple-choice questions (MCQs). This rigorous evaluation process ensures that the institution admits students with the requisite academic acumen and potential. Notably, the written test is administered by the National Testing Service (NTS) at designated times.

Contact information

Address: University of Sindh, Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, Jamshoro-76080, Sindh, Pakistan.
Tel.No.+92-22-9213-181 (90) Ten Lines.
Email: [email protected]


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